Clean Energy without Solar Panels

There are no end of easy switches around the house that you can make to “green” your life… BUT the best way to be more green is to tackle the big stuff, your biggest source of carbon emissions. For nearly everyone this boils down to your home’s carbon footprint, your car’s carbon footprint, and your air travel. Most people don’t have that much control over the car they currently have, but we can talk about a very easy switch you can do TODAY from home, without investing in solar panels.

We took the plunge and installed a full solar panel array on our roof last year but before that we had switched to Arcadia Power. This is a fantastic option for SOOOOOOO many of you! If you rent, do not have good solar panel potential (which you can check out here at Google’s Project Sunroof), or simply cannot afford panels because they are a hefty investment, then Arcadia Power is great way to offset your biggest emissions source. When we were using them it did cost us *slightly* more per month for our electricity, a whopping $5. If you are reading this blog post then I am pretty sure you are the type of person who would be willing to pay a tiny little bit more for electricity you can feel GOOD about. They can explain better than I ever could how it works and they even have a cool dashboard you can use that shows you how much CO2 your household has averted.


I implore everyone who reads this to please, *please*, *PLEASE* check out Arcadia Power as a greener energy source option!

Here are a few more sites that have a better breakdown and review of Arcadia Power’s services that you might appreciate:


*As a note- we love our solar panels. Ours were purchased and installed by 8M Solar here in Raleigh and we have been super happy with everything from purchase to installation and would highly recommend them. For us it made sense to take out the loan necessary to procure the panels as the loan amount is less monthly than our previous electricity costs. We don’t have an electric car, yet. But we hope to be able to afford one in the very near future! We can’t wait to use our car charger!



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